The Local Grind Best Coffee

Scores of people are discovering how much better they feel when they eliminate gluten from their diet. Soon thereafter, they learn that gluten-free baked goods that taste great are as rare as gold. Lament no more — there’s a gluten-free gold mine right in the heart of Heber! Laura Littman, owner of The Local Grind, has been baking delicious bread, rolls, and sweets since 2009. She has perfected the art of gluten-free baking. Locals and visitors seek her out as their source for these healthful baked goods. Stop by for a fabulous breakfast or lunch sandwich. You’ll enjoy sitting back with a cappuccino and sweet roll in her café, Local Grind, or taking home a dozen
dinner rolls or house-made English muffins.

The Local Grind located at 51 S 100 West in Heber.

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