Northfields Magic

The rural quality of the Heber Valley has attracted everyone from trappers to pioneers, farmers to ranchers, skiers to golfers, families to investors. Entering from the north, people who visit the Valley are greeted by the Provo River winding toward the Historic North Fields with a majestic backdrop of Mount Timpanogos. The land of the North Fields was granted to homesteading families in the 1800’s by President Ulysses S. Grant. Tourists and residents alike appreciate the vestiges of
a long and proud farming and ranching history that founded the Valley. It’s why we call this place home.

“Protecting the North Fields could be one of the single most important achievements we could accomplish in the protection of the Valley’s agricultural heritage,” says Wendy Fisher, Executive Director of Utah Open Lands. “We were also attracted to this project because preserving the nature of the North Fields means protecting scenic view corridors, wetlands and prairies, natural habitats for indigenous birds, and historic watersheds. The land is of significance historically and agriculturally.”

Through an effort led by Utah Open Lands, the state’s preeminent land preservation group, we now have the opportunity to work with interested landowning families to purchase conservation easements and ensure that the unique character of the North Fields remains intact for future generations. Considering Heber’s current and expected growth, putting this acreage into preservation is more important now than ever. Through Federal grants and private fundraising we can keep lands in the hands of the families while compensating them for removing the chance of development from the land forever. We welcome your support and donations of any size. Give Now. Protect Forever. For more information, feel free to contact Utah Open Lands (801) 463-6156 or

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