Full-Throttle Fun

Traveling over the river and through the woods is arguably loads more fun when there’s a roaring engine and full-face balaclava involved.

That’s one reason exploring Utah’s white blanket backcountry via snowmobile is rapidly becoming a top winter activity for both tourists and locals.

Whether you have a need for speed, or prefer to enjoy the natural surroundings at a sightseer’s pace; are flying solo, or have the whole family in tow, Wasatch Excursions has the perfect powder option for you.

The company has exclusive access to over 22,000 pristine acres of the Wasatch Mountain State Park. They boast a wide variety of machine rentals as well as full-service guided tours complete with a delicious lunch. They’re also available to give advice to those who would rather explore on their own.

In addition to their impressive fleet of 2018 snowmobiles, Wasatch Excursions also offers a fully enclosed (and heated) four-seat UTV. For those who prefer a true snowmobile but can’t find a babysitter, the company also rents snow coaches, an enclosed and attachable trailer on skis towed behind a snowmobile.


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