Come Fly With Us – CAF Museum


Time passes quickly and memories fade. Most of us alive today only know stories about WWII and the “greatest generation” that fought for freedom and liberty. To help preserve this incredible time in history, and to demonstrate the American spirit, the Commemorative Air Force Aviation Museum (CAF) was chartered.

The CAF Museum, located in Heber City, was created to showcase the spirit and history of the Airforce during WWII. The museum houses a collection of WWII artifacts and memorabilia.

What is most exciting about the CAF Museum is that the aircraft are fully restored and available for flights! Whether you’re a history buff or a thrill seeker, you must experience “the ride of a lifetime” onboard one of the warbirds.
Regardless if you take a brave ride in a warbird or just stroll through the many exhibits at the museum, the encounter will leave you with a better appreciation of this time in history.

“We tell stories…we fly the airplanes…we keep the spirit of excitement and hope alive today.” – CAF Motton

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