Redmond Heritage Farm


Redmond Heritage Farm

UTAH’S HOME FOR: Re-Lyte and Rea I Salt products, Real Raw Milk, Kombucha on Tap, House-Made Bone Broth, Pastured Eggs, and more!

When you think of a health food store, things like vitamins and supplements and natural remedies for ailments may come to mind. Cows and chickens probably don’t. But Heber Valley’s Redmond Heritage Farm aims to change that. They specialize in natural farm products for optimal health. Items include unpasteurized and non-homogenized raw milk—pretty much straight from the udder.

Other products include eggs from chickens so free range, they could walk off the farm if they so desired. None of them do though, likely because they have an endless supply of grass, organic feed, water, shelter, bugs, fresh air and sunshine, which helps them produce nutrient-dense eggs.

Redmond Heritage Farm also offers naturally unprocessed cheeses made with raw milk, and beef from their pasture-raised, grass-fed cattle.

Redmond Heritage Farm

475 W 910 S, Heber City




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