Listen Like a Local

A recent study in Scientific American shows that communities with a source for local news are less divisive than similar communities with no local news resource. KPCW is the only free, daily, local news source covering our mountain community. Whether it’s up-to-the-minute coverage of an area wildfire, a traffic report that helps smooth out your commute, or coverage of the local issues-such as Mayflower or the bypass road ¬≠that affect your neighborhood and family, KPCW is there with accurate and timely information.

Our five-person news team covers the stories that matter most to you:

–+- 8 am: The Local News with Leslie Thatcher features live interviews with local newsmakers, public officials and community stakeholders
–+- 12 pm: KPCW Noon News
–+- 3 pm – 6:30 pm: Local news breaks during The Local View with Randy Barton
–+- Weekend Review Saturday and Sunday mornings: local news breaks during the 7 – 9 am hours

How to listen like a local:

–+- Listen in Wasatch County at 91.9 or 88.1 FM
–+- Read the news stories on line at
–+- Catch local news and public affairs shows as podcasts
–+- Ask your smart speaker to”play KPCW” and hear great music and news at home
–+- Listen anywhere in the world on our KPCW app

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