Summer ’22 Trend Alert – Heber Boutiques

The 80’s and 90’s are Back – Heber Boutiques

By Amber Qualagari

This summer season we’ve seen a lot of fashion trends that draw their inspiration from decades past—think ’80s and ’90s with a fun, modern twist. Whether it’s bright colors or statement-making sleeves, we’ve reached out to local Heber boutiques to find out what’s flying off the shelves this summer.

Bright + Pastel Colors

Fernweh Lifestyle
The fashion forecast for this summer season is showing lots of bright colors. Fernweh’s newest collection is all about bright and pastel colors that you can mix into your wardrobe. The hottest colors they are selling this season are astro green and hyper pink. A statement piece, like a colorful shirt with puffed sleeves, will boost your volume and add some fun to your daily wear. One visit to Fernweh’s shop and you’ll find all the colors you need to add some vibrancy to your summer attire.

Oversized Accessories

Show Pony
Remember when bigger was better, from hairstyles to monster trucks? Well, keep the theme going when adding accessories to your wardrobe this summer. Choose oversized earrings, scarves and rings. Check out the curated collection at Show Pony in Midway and find a signature piece. Bold and beautiful is all the fashion, so have fun and show off your personal style.

Prints + Patterns

L.A. Dresden’s Boutique
Paisleys, hearts, stripes and swirls, whatever your fancy, this is the season to let your inner child shine through. Unique prints and lively patterns can harken recollections from the past while creating new memories. L.A. Dresden’s is known as “a boutique for women that love clothes” and with fashions from designers like Magnolia Pearl, you will find that perfect outfit to fully express yourself.

Statement Necklaces That Tell A Story

St Lawrence Thrift Store
From Native American beadwork to gemstone pendants, the jewelry cabinets of St Lawrence Thrift Store are brimming with one-of-a-kind necklaces. Whether you select a statement plastron necklace or a more subtle lavaliere variety, each unique piece is guaranteed to check the latest trend, adding a story to your outfit. Plus, with new necklaces arriving daily, you’ll have just as much fun finding the perfect necklace as you do wearing it.

Local Artist Graphic Tees

Midway Must Haves
A go-to look for just about every occasion this summer, are graphic t-shirts that double as wearable art. Midway Must Haves—the boutique known for its delightful collection of local brands and handcrafted souvenirs—has a summer collection that highlights the immense talents of budding artists in the community. Senior design students from the Wasatch High School CAPS program created several local t-shirt designs, each celebrating what they love about the community and the outdoor wonder of their hometown.

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