Good Morning – Daily Morning Meditation


By beginning each morning with a healthy routine, daily meditation and exercise, you’ll learn to love early rising.

Our health begins when we wake. Create positive a.m. habits by first making a bedtime (they aren’t just for kids!) that sets your morning up for success. Before reaching for a cup of coffee, drink lemon water to get your digestion moving. Next, take time to express gratitude. Research proves giving thanks can transform your life.

Study after study has proven meditation benefits your overall wellbeing. By taking a few minutes to be mindful, you can reduce stress, improve sleep, increase focus and improve relationships, just to name a few benefits. Having a daily morning meditation practice allows you to center and focus on the present.

Lastly, get moving! Whether it’s yoga, spin, HIIT or a morning walk, make this routine the best part of your day. Morning exercise is bound to improve your mood and boost your energy.

So, tomorrow morning, skip the snooze button and create the healthy life you’ve been dreaming of!

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