The Summer Glow – Look Your Best This Season

By Brandi Christoffersen

We all want to look and feel great as we bask in the warmth of the summer sun. Although being “summer-ready” can be a bit daunting, we have you covered with the help of these local resources.

Brows Perfected by Heather Hicken

Many of us minimize our makeup routine during the summer. With eyebrow microblading you look polished without makeup. The procedure provides a natural contoured eyebrow by adding semi-permanent pigment to your skin. Heather Hicken explains, “For most of my clients, their eyebrow liner is the first thing to wear off. With microblading you have a full eyebrow all day and night.“

Community Health & Wellness

Do you love warm weather but seasonal allergies keep you from enjoying the fresh mountain air? An all-natural solution, that is not well known but has proven very effective at lessening the onset of an allergic reaction, is acupuncture treatment. By stimulating the nervous system and releasing neurochemical messenger molecules, your body can naturally improve its immunity defenses. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Dummar, who has more than 3,000 hours of acupuncture training, and let the relief begin.


Centerline Bodywork

Do the words “bare skin” immediately cause you to cover that scar you’re sure everyone is looking at? By working with a light touch, Lara Murdock goes into the far reaches of the scar with focused scar tissue work and smooths out lumps, ridges, knots, and strings. Natural and surgical scars respond immediately followed by a short period of healing. Best of all, the improvements are permanent, to provide beautiful skin all year long.

Mountain Elite Massage

Breathe new life into your summer skin with the Oxygen Infused Hydrojelly Facial at Mountain Elite. This new and innovative treatment uses oxygen to infuse vitamins, powerful antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to immediately boost dull, dehydrated skin. The facial also includes the Casmara Algae peel off mask with seaweed extracts to provide a powerful hydrating effect. Feel confident this season showing off your fresh moisture kissed face.

The Fit Stop

Most of us want a toned, healthy body but we should also feel mentally vibrant. The Fit Stop provides an environment that nurtures you inside and outside. The studio is open to all fitness levels and ages and offers group classes that work around your schedule. For a fun cardio-based session, Aubrey Norman, trainer, recommends a dance fitness class. And don’t worry, athleticism and coordination are not required.

With all these tips, treatments and services, you’re ready to enjoy all of summer’s pleasures and adventures.

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