Explore Ice Castles in Midway


Ice Castles is the work and brainchild of Brent Christensen, who began with a castle in his Utah front yard. A father of six, Brent wanted to create happiness and joy for his stir-crazy kids. Soon, word spread through town and kids from all over were headed to play at Christensen’s winter wonderland. From its humble beginnings, Ice Castles mission remains-to create happiness, laughter, and unforgettable winter memories.

Christiansen crafted his first icy kingdom in the front year of his family’s home as a way to share the magic of winter with his children.

The frozen fortress drew kids form all over the town, excited to play at the winter wonderland. Now a world-renowned winter attraction with 5 locations across the USA, Ice Castles mission remains the same – to create wonder, and unforgettable winter memories for all ages.

Ice Castles is a magical must-see winter experience in beautiful Midway, Utah.Located at Soldier Hollow Nordic Center, the award-winning frozen attraction is built by professional ice artists who place hundreds of thousand of icicles by hand.
The Winter wonderland includes ice-carved slides, crawl spaces, and caverns illuminated at night with color-changing lights. Plus, sleigh rides and entertainment for adults and kids alike!

After your “un-meltable” experience, warm up at the Homestead with a hot chocolate, or even better, dinner at Simon’s restaurant for the perfect end to your outing.

Bundle up and be awestruck by this unique “collaboration” between man and nature!

Visit Ice Castles at Solider Hollow in Midway.


Tickets and information at icecastles.com

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